Basketweave tile backsplash installed in Londonderry, NH

old tile backsplash removal demo backsplash wall board prep installed cement board installed on walls for backsplash prep diagnol basketweave pattern for tile backsplash basketweave layout pattern for backsplash individually back buttering each tile layout for tile corner wrap corner detail for wrapping tile to carry pattern tile backsplash installed over window tile backsplash grout grouted tile backsplash

Remove exsisting backsplash, prep and install design

We worked closely with a local interior designer in Londonderry, NH to install a tile backsplash.

The old travertine backsplash was removed first. New cement board was screwed into walls for prep. We had to shim wall board to get it plumb since the tile would be having multiple angles center there on the corner wrap. Then a thin coat of mortar mudded over seams and screws.

The designer chose a diagnol basketweave pattern with 2x6 ceramic tile. We found center of countertop under window and mapped out a layout so the cuts along countertop were even. We added on tiling up and around window to give a more complete look.

Caulking along the tile to countertop transition was applied day before grouting using a color matched to the body of the tile. A grout color was chosen to compliment the new painted cabinets.

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