Patterned tile floor in mudroom

floor staged and sponged before prep for tile Stratamat anti crack uncoupling membrane installed dry lay row of tile to reference layout starting to set patterned tile tile cuts for perimeter of floor setting patterned tile in small bathroom floor carrying lines for tile in adjoinging room patterned tile floor in mudroom

New tile floor turned home from old to historic

This late 1800s home in Manchester, NH has been through a lot of phases since the new homeowners took ownership. The porch we worked on went from a deck, remodeled later with walls into a windowed sunroom mostly for a bunch of plants. The client called us looking to have the floors updated from a cheap laminate to new porcelain tile, creating a superior covering for a mudroom floor that would survive the changing New England seasons. 8 inch patterned tile from Turkey was chosen as the new floor covering.

The old floor was removed and then an anti-fracture crack isolation uncoupling membrane was installed over subfloor with Laticrete Stratamat. A layout was referenced with a dry run of line of tiles to ensure no sliver cuts would end up at perimeter. Then tile was installed and same lines carried into adjoining landing area inside. The first day on jobsite, all field tile was set with rapid-setting thinset mortar. Allowing the floor to be walked on with foot traffic after a 4 hour period. Rather than waiting overnight for mud to set. The next day, all perimeter cuts were done and installed and the floor grouted. A small bathroom floor was added on with same type of tile, with a different pattern and colors.

After finishing, before heading out the door, the happy client had us look at a foyer to be tiled next season. Another satisfied customer.

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