A lil' something About Matt Cupan...

After being discharged from the U.S. Marine Corps in 2004, returning home from Operation Iraqi Freedom, Matt knew he was done as an F-18 aircraft mechanic. And wanted something more.

He wanted to help people, and still work with his hands.

He took up a construction apprenticeship with a General Contractor near Charlotte, NC. A few hours north of where he was stationed in Beaufort, SC.

His first job project involved demolition of some bathroom tile and a new corner shower stall constructed. From there he learned the proper technique of troweling thinset mortar and combating gravity while installing wall tile. He also learned the "old school" methodology of mudding a shower pan with type II Portland cement and masonry sand over a waterproof liner.

He fell in love with tile.

Smell of mortar in the morning. Sound of trowel to substrate. Clean lines.

After working for some time, under an exemplary supervisor, Matt ventured to start a Proprietorship in April of 2005 with nothing more than a work van full of tools and a website. 

He enrolled in courses in Web Design & Multimedia at the Art Institute. Learning programming with HTML and CSS, he built an online portfolio highlighting pictures of his projects and what problems he solved.

Through persistence he made his presence known. With quality workmanship and fair pricing, he has stayed in business since.

Matt has always had an eye for design. He started sketching his surroundings with pencil at an early age. Conceptual design based on Utilitarian principle is what makes his clients' work both beautiful, but based on function.
An avid reader of trade publications and home remodeling magazines, Matt taught himself to use Sketchup, a 3D modeling software. Later, started school for CAD (Computer Aided Drafting). He believes human beings are a constant learner. Reading interior design magazines for the newest trends. Perusing architectural publications for info on technology and research behind cutting edge materials. Or, skimming through remodeling blogs. 

That is, when not listening to 70s Soul or 80s Rock Pop music, through his obsessive vinyl record collecting digging excavations. Or trying out new recipes to feed his bottomless appetite.

Today, Matt Cupan TileWorks specializes in Interior Design for Bathroom Remodeling, as well as preparation and installation for custom tile projects using ceramic or stone. The majority of his work is local, within the city of Manchester, NH.

He also submits proposals designing contemporary bathrooms with architectural drawings for remote freelance projects worldwide.

View his work and see what Matt Cupan TileWorks can do for you.